Dakota's Dog Rescue 1st Grade activity Try Now

Dakota's Dog Rescue 1st Grade

Context Clues, L.1.4a

Jungle Racers Root Words activity Try Now

Jungle Racers Root Words

Prefixes and Suffixes, L.1.4b

Sticker Book Sort Vocab activity Try Now

Sticker Book Sort Vocab

Sorting Words, L.1.5a

Campfire Building Descriptors activity Try Now

Campfire Building Descriptors

Words and Their Use, L.1.5c

Unicorn Magic Synonyms activity Try Now

Unicorn Magic Synonyms

What are Synonyms?, L.1.5d

Sentence Jumble activity Try Now

Sentence Jumble

Sentences, RF.1.1a

Suzy Sloth's Sentences activity Try Now

Suzy Sloth's Sentences

Sentences, RF.1.1a

Devin & Nyla Stuck On The Moon activity Try Now

Devin & Nyla Stuck On The Moon

Long and Short Vowels, RF.1.2a

Olive Vs. The Dragons Vowels activity Try Now

Olive Vs. The Dragons Vowels

Long and Short Vowels, RF.1.2a

Spot The Vowel activity Try Now

Spot The Vowel

Long and Short Vowels, RF.1.2a

Animal Sound Search activity Try Now

Animal Sound Search

Sounds You Hear in Words, RF.1.2c

Campfire Building Consonant Digraphs activity Try Now

Campfire Building Consonant Digraphs

"Sh" and "Ch", RF.1.3a

Jacob's CH Parade activity Try Now

Jacob's CH Parade

"Sh" and "Ch", RF.1.3a

Digraph Nature Walk activity Try Now

Digraph Nature Walk

"Wh," "Th,"and "Ck", RF.1.3a

Elsi Elephant's Digraph Picture Sort activity Try Now

Elsi Elephant's Digraph Picture Sort

"Wh," "Th,"and "Ck", RF.1.3a

Moonlit Moths activity Try Now

Moonlit Moths

"Sh" and "Ch", RF.1.3a

Moving Words activity Try Now

Moving Words

Blend Sounds to Make Words, RF.1.2d,RF.1.3b

Word Building activity Try Now

Word Building

Blend Sounds to Make Words, RF.1.2d,RF.1.3b

Magic e activity Try Now

Magic e

Silent 'e', RF.1.3c

Silent E Word Sort activity Try Now

Silent E Word Sort

Silent 'e', RF.1.3c

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Reading Activities and Teaching Resources for Preschool through 8th Grade

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