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Students using eSpark grow 1.5x
faster than their peers!

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The eSpark community has grown to nearly half a million registered teachers.

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eSpark is used in 14,000 schools and 6,000 districts spanning all 50 states.

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eSpark is compliant with all state
and federal privacy laws.

eSpark Premium Membership

When you buy eSpark, you’re empowering your teachers with access to everything eSpark Premium has to offer.

eSpark Lite

Benefits for students
  • Award-winning adaptive learning path
  • High-quality instructional content
Benefits for teachers
  • On-level practice with automatic differentiation

eSpark Premium

Benefits for students
  • Award-winning adaptive learning path
  • High-quality instructional content
  • Targeted assignments for intervention and enrichment
  • AI-powered Choice Texts, Choice Math, and Writing activities
Benefits for teachers
  • On-level practice with automatic differentiation
  • Unlimited assignable lessons
  • Progress and usage reports
  • Assessment integrations

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Why eSpark?

Student-Centered Personalization

eSpark blends the concept of play-based learning with high-quality, standards-aligned instruction to keep students engaged. eSpark is the only supplemental curriculum program that differentiates every aspect of the student experience:

  • Personalized learning paths based on student levels
  • Personalized lessons based on student interests
  • Personalized instruction and feedback based on student responses.
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Student Choice and Voice

Student-centered through and through. From the all-new Choice Texts to popular Student Video Recordings, eSpark helps every individual shine. Choice activities and related features in eSpark include:

  • Decodable Choice Texts for emerging readers
  • Reading Literature Choice Texts for fiction fun
  • Reading Informational Choice Texts for interdisciplinary articles
  • Choice Math for contextualized math problems
  • Class Library to showcase student work

Proven to Improve Student Outcomes

Multiple research studies have demonstrated a direct correlation between eSpark use and stronger growth on benchmark assessments. There’s a reason so many districts have chosen to partner with eSpark: it just works.

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Versatile Implementation Options

Because eSpark’s approach is so unique, it fits seamlessly with any combination of core and supplemental curriculum. While eSpark is commonly implemented with general education populations, the program can also fill needs for intervention, enrichment, acceleration, special education, and ELL.

eSpark features broad coverage for most PK-8 math and reading standards in every state, with additional support for students working below or above grade level. The program includes independent, adaptive learning pathways, teacher-assigned Small Group Skills, and detailed progress monitoring.

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