Today’s kids are built differently. So is eSpark.

Differentiated instruction and practice for math, reading, and writing.

eSpark is the only program built to engage today’s generation of learners. It’s personalized on every dimension, helping students build the skills they need through topics they genuinely care about.

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Built to be both engaging and aligned with the science of how we learn.


Safe, secure AI-powered activities unlock infinite possibilities.


Students craft unique learning experiences based on their choices and interests.

Personalized sequencing of lessons

eSpark adapts each student’s learning path based on the level they’re working at for each subject and domain.

Personalized learning content

eSpark lessons are unique to every student, featuring topics tailored to their individual interests and choices.

Personalized remediation

eSpark’s AI-powered activities provide responsive, real-time feedback to guide students in the right direction.

Engage and delight learners with lessons that provide explicit instruction, practice, and assessment.


In fourth grade it can be kind of difficult to find things that kids enjoy reading and find things that they are interested in… I have one student who asks if he can do [eSpark] every day.

4th grade teacher, NC

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The students are engaged more than any other computer based program we’ve ever used. Believe me, we change every year!

5th grade teacher, LA


My teachers love eSpark. It is a great way to enhance guided reading time, by having a fun activity as one of the stations. The students love it and many continue their work on it at home. The teacher dashboard allows teachers to see their students’ progress and update goals.

Principal, IL


It makes them want to read their stories, which is something that hasn’t been a desire of theirs all year… it not only expands their creativity, it makes them have that passion to read which I think is one of the hardest things to teach.

1st grade teacher, NE

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Best story ever best story ever!


I have been using eSpark in my classroom for over 10 years. This is one of the best ways for kids to learn and they love it!! I see growth and this is so important especially after Covid.

2nd grade teacher, IL


This company is ever evolving to strengthen its service and deliver a great product to our students and teachers.

Assistant Superintendent, PA


When you have a class of 24 and you have 20 different reading levels and math levels, it is very hard to differentiate within the time teachers have for planning. Using eSpark is easy to use, fun for the students, and most importantly, very engaging.

3rd grade teacher, MI


eSpark helps me learn in a fun and easier way! I get a question wrong, it tells me why it is the wrong answer and how to get the right answer!


We use eSpark daily and my students have never grumbled once about doing computer time. They love their time on eSpark. The characters and activities are so much fun and engaging that they don’t even realize they are learning. I have seen them grow in math and in language arts over the year through daily enrichment on this program.

Kindergarten teacher, KS


Students enjoy the platform and it does an amazing job in targeting underdeveloped skills, while also giving teachers the option to reassign concepts – fantastic!

Principal, WI

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