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eSpark differentiates reading and math with activities kids love

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What can you do with eSpark?

Access math and reading resources kids love

A team of former educators rigorously vets and curates standards-aligned resources for differentiating instruction in your classroom.

Build student independence

eSpark’s intuitive design allows students to work independently at their own pace, giving you the time you need to work with small groups.

Assign extra practice

On-demand lessons allow you to assign targeted skill practice for your entire class or groups of students based on weekly email suggestions.

Educational Games for Kids Self Paced Learning Small Group Planning

Why use eSpark?


Meet students where they are

eSpark automatically differentiates instruction with fun games and activities, making it easy to address the range of learning needs found in your classroom.


Save planning time

With all your favorite resources in one place, you can spend less time preparing for class while still supporting and challenging every learner.


Create happy learners

When students are engaged in instruction that suits their needs and interests, they’re more likely to remain focused, motivated, and on a path to success.

Explore math and reading resources for PK-5

Download a sample eSpark quest to preview the games and activities your students will love.

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