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Student-centered solutions for extraordinary teaching

Enrich the student experience and achieve stronger outcomes with research-based solutions designed with teachers in mind.

Learning shouldn’t be one-size-fits all

At eSpark Learning, we offer engaging standards-based solutions that put students at the heart of instruction. Find a solution below that fits your district’s unique needs.

The more students use eSpark Learning’s solutions, the more they grow:

Researchers from Columbia University’s Teachers College found that Frontier students are 20% more likely to meet their growth targets.


How eSpark Learning helps educators:

Data Driven Instruction

We leverage your district data to inform teaching and differentiate student learning.

Diverse Texts and Resources

We find the best videos, articles, and games from thousands of sources to bring your curriculum into the 21st century.

Performance Tasks

We provide speaking and writing synthesis activities that support students in achieving deeper levels of learning.

Solve the top challenges districts face in nurturing higher order thinking: