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Katie Reppucci, 2nd Grade

“Everybody loves it… we have two set small group times and [eSpark] is what they do when we’re pulling a small group because it’s so independent, because they are on their own learning pathways, it’s on their level, it’s amazing.”

Kristine McWilliams, 3rd Grade

“I absolutely love eSpark. It’s a great way for personalized learning in reading and math. I can assign kids different activities to do in small groups based on their abilities. It differentiates for me… everything is at the click of a button. It makes planning for my students so easy.”

Megan Furr, 4th Grade

“In fourth grade it can be kind of difficult to find things that kids enjoy reading and find things that they are interested in… I have one student who asks if he can do [eSpark] every day.”

Rachel Risseeuw, 1st Grade

“It makes them want to read their stories, which is something that hasn’t been a desire of theirs all year… it not only expands their creativity, it makes them have that passion to read which I think is one of the hardest things to teach.”

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Student Stories 🌟

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Peter – Kindergarten

Peter isn’t always a big fan of reading, especially when he needs help with certain words. But when he was able to build his own story about a clever dinosaur named Bob, that all changed! Watch his smile grow as his story takes shape. For younger students like Peter, Choice Texts provides scaffolding and audio support throughout, so unfamiliar words are never a barrier to the joys of reading.

Damarion – 5th Grade

Damarion doesn’t usually spend much time reading outside the classroom, but as soon as he created his own personalized story with Choice Texts, he wanted to save it and read it again later. He shared that reading his story about a brave astronaut made him feel good because he had never made a story by himself before. He even asked for additional comprehension questions to answer!

Clara – 6th Grade

As a middle schooler, reading informational texts isn’t exactly Clara’s favorite thing to do. That is, until she discovered that Choice Texts gives her the ability to read about things she’s actually interested in, like famous YouTubers! Students like Clara are more motivated to read and answer comprehension questions when content is made relevant to their interests.

Luthar – 4th Grade

As Luthar created his own personalized story with Choice Texts, he was quite literally speechless. He shared that answering the comprehension questions was actually fun because they were about the story he made. He was eager to create more stories!

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