Unlike other so-called “personalized learning” programs, eSpark stands alone among AI tools for education by differentiating every aspect of the student learning experience:

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Individual Learning Paths Based on Student Levels

eSpark’s adaptive path ensures students are always working on-level. Get started with a simple placement test or upload your MAP Growth or Renaissance Star assessment data.

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Personalized Lessons Based on Student Interests

No more one-size fits all reading passages, contextual math practice, or writing prompts. From decodable readers to interdisciplinary texts, students always enjoy choice and voice in eSpark.

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Real-Time Instruction Based on Student Responses

You can’t be everywhere at once. Specially trained AI tutors help students learn as as they go, keeping kids on task and adhering to research-based instructional practices. Think of eSpark as your classroom assistant.

How Do eSpark’s AI Tools Support Student Learning?

Keep students engaged with choice, voice, and magical “wow” moments

eSpark features several unique “Choice” activities for students in grades K-8. Students choose (or input) their own themes, topics, settings, and/or character names. eSpark then uses generative AI to build a reading passage in real time that serves as the foundation of their lesson.

Choice activities and related features in eSpark include:

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Keep students on track with personalized, standards-aligned assessment

eSpark’s Choice activities can make learning fun for even the most reluctant, hard-to-reach students. But you need more than fun, you need academic value and teachable moments. eSpark generates comprehension and assessment questions about each student’s unique math or reading passage on the fly.

Every activity is aligned with a specific standard based on what the student is working on or what the teacher has assigned. These AI-enabled checks for understanding help students attain conceptual understanding while engaging with the texts they just helped to create.

Support writing instruction with a personal AI tutor for every student

Meet Willow, eSpark’s friendly AI writing tutor. Willow walks students through every stop of the writing process, providing motivation, encouragement, and gentle nudges where needed to keep students moving in the right direction. Willow has been trained on all the latest writing research and pedagogy. The character provides sentence starters, scaffolding, and personalized feedback on every student submission.

We know it’s hard to find enough time for writing in a typical school day. Think of Willow as your personal assistant, supporting student practice in this critical subject without taking instructional time away from you.

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What are students saying?

“it was the best story ever because it was about me”

5th grade student

“i loved my story so much that i felt magicle”

4th grade student

“i liked the story i made thank u for making me write a story!”

3rd grade student

Magical moments brought to life

Anderson – 1st Grade

Anderson is an early reader who loves all stories, but isn’t quite ready to read on his own just yet. The audio support provided throughout Choice Texts gave him full confidence in his own abilities and he created a story from start to finish! 

Damarion – 5th Grade

Damarion doesn’t usually spend much time reading outside the classroom. He shared that reading his story about a brave astronaut made him feel good because he had never made a story by himself before.

Clara – 6th Grade

As a middle schooler, reading informational texts isn’t exactly Clara’s favorite thing to do. That is, until she discovered that Choice Texts gives her the ability to read about things she’s actually interested in, like famous YouTubers!

Luthar – 4th Grade

As Luthar created his own personalized story with Choice Texts, he was quite literally speechless. He shared that the comprehension questions were actually fun because they were about the story he made. Luthar was eager to create more stories!

Level up your classroom with the next evolution of AI-powered personalized learning

See why eSpark is one of the most loved AI tools for education by students and teachers alike!