New in eSpark: Decodable Readers

What if you could take the playfully personalized magic of Choice Texts and extend it to the Foundational Reading domain for developing readers? eSpark is pleased to introduce Decodable Choice Texts, now available in K-3 Reading Foundational Quests and a growing number of Small Group Skills.


What are Decodable Choice Texts?

Students have taken to Choice Texts in a big way since they were launched in August. As of the second week of October, more than 400,000 Choice Texts have been generated. The anecdotes we’re hearing from teachers about how engaged their reluctant readers are and how excited students are to read their stories have been a real beacon of light for us. Keep ’em coming!

Given all the positive feedback, it was only natural for us to look for more ways to extend that playfully personalized approach to the Reading Foundational domain and decodable readers. Decodable Choice Texts give students the same ability to shape their lesson by choosing from different character and setting options (pictured). This is a quick and easy two-step process that transfers ownership to the student and gives them a sense of agency not possible with static texts.


A screenshot showing how students can select from three different characters and three different settings.


Once the student has made their choices, eSpark will generate unique decodable readers on the fly based on the skill or standard they are working on. For the below example, the buzzworthy skill in question was long and short vowels.




When the student is done reading, they will be given a brief comprehension quiz. Upon completion, they will finish the activity with a check for understanding specific to the assigned skill or standard (pictured).


A screenshot of a multiple-choice assessment question asking which word has a long vowel sound.


Where and how can I find these decodable readers?

Our Learning Design team has already begun adding these activities into our curriculum, with many more to come in the next few days and weeks. Students will encounter them in K-3 Reading Foundational Quests and you can assign them from your Small Group Skills tab (try typing “decodable” into the SGS search bar to bring them all to the surface).


Screenshot showing three Small Group Skills that feature Decodable Choice Texts activities.


We’re thrilled to bring you this next step on our playful personalization journey. Please let us know what you think of Decodable Choice Texts by leaving a comment, emailing our support team, or clicking the blue chat icon at the bottom of your screen.


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