A teacher giving a high five to her student across the table.
Three students working together at a PC workstation.
Two students with calculators at a table representing scaffolded math activities.
An abacus in the foreground representing one of many fractions activities, with a blurry human figure in the background.
A teacher holding a colorful shape identification sheet up for students on the other side of the table.
A screen capture from a Zoom call featuring the author with some Science of Reading for teachers images in the foreground.
A teacher reading to a group of students on National Read-a-Book Day.
Two teachers working with a variety of kids at a round table.
Two students writing in a book together while working on small group reading activities.
A teacher giving a high-five to her student across a small desk while other students look on.
An image depicting several types of common classroom donation requests, including pencils, scissors, pens, and more.
Students running around and having fun outside, presumably during National Wellness Month.