A collection of hands-on arts and crafts activities strewn across a tabletop.
A teacher standing in the foreground while students work on computers in the background.
A pile of wooden alphabet letters stacked on table next to Play-Doh.
The word "growth" spelled out in flowers on a green grass background.
The words "Class Rules" written in script on a chalkboard.
Screenshot from an eSpark game featuring an illustrated crocodile and his messy room.
A screenshot from an eSpark rhyme game featuring an illustrated fox and several camping supplies.
Screenshot of an eSpark game featuring an illustrated monster with meatballs containing capital letters.
Screenshot from eSpark's mood check-in screen showing several "how do you feel" options for students to choose from.
Two illustrated students collaborating over their laptops.
A teacher leaning over to support a student who is working on a tablet.