Introducing Choice Math

Screenshot of the Choice Math title screen.

Playful personalization is not just for reading anymore! With Choice Math, students will now enjoy instruction and practice tailored to their unique interests in all eSpark subjects. Picture word problems and skills practice based on modern pillars of student culture (and favorite Choice Texts topics) like Roblox and YouTubers. Now broaden those horizons to imagine real-time, standards-aligned activities built around whatever your students happen to be thinking about. The possibilities are endless with Choice Math!

What is Choice Math?

A GIF cycling through every step of a Choice Math activity.
The Choice Math experience for grades 3+

The actual mechanics of Choice Math are very similar to Choice Texts. Instead of multiple prompts, students simply choose the high-level theme for their math activity. Younger students (K-2) can choose from four of the most popular topics from our Choice Texts Reading Informational library, while those in grades 3+ have a different set of topics and the option to input their own.

Screenshot from Choice Math showing the available topic selections for K-2 students.
The K-2 topic selector

Once a theme is chosen, a unique story is generated on the fly. The AI-generated story and image will look familiar to students who have used Choice Texts, with some subtle differences. Students will notice a number of strategically placed numbers woven into the story—these will come into play later! As always, students are encouraged to read the story closely and enjoy the magic of playful personalization.

After they’re done reading, students move to the practice part of the exercise, where they will encounter multiple word problems aligned with the standard they’re working on, as determined by the active Quest or Small Group Skill. In the example below, our 4th grade student is working working on multiplicative comparisons.

Screenshot showing comprehension questions on the left and a Choice Math story on the right.
Choice Math practice/assessment screen

If students are having trouble with a concept and answer incorrectly, Rocky will provide real-time feedback to point them in the right direction. These supports will help students translate word problems into mathematical concepts they’ve been introduced to earlier in the Quest or SGS.

Screenshot showing Choice Math feedback, including a hint to nudge the student in the right direction.
One example of the scaffolding provided when students answer incorrectly

Where Can I Find Choice Math Activities?

As of the start of December, we have rolled out several Choice Math Small Group Skills across grade levels. You can find these by typing “Choice Math” into the search bar. Our Learning Design team will be churning these out quickly in the weeks and months to come. They’ll be available in Small Group Skills initially and eventually the adaptive path where appropriate.

Screenshot showing three Beta Choice Math Small Group Skills lessons spanning 2nd-4th grade.
A few of the early Choice Math Small Group Skills (note the “Beta” – as of the date of publication, we are still fine-tuning these activities to ensure the best possible experience for students).

Want to try one for yourself? Simply find a relevant Small Group Skill, click into it, and preview it by clicking “Choice Math” in the left sidebar. We hope you enjoy this latest iteration of playful personalization in eSpark.

Until next time, have fun eSparking!

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