Three layers of differentiation

Personalized learning paths
based on student levels.

Personalized lesson content
based on student interests.

Personalized instruction and feedback
based on student responses.

New AI-powered personalization

Choice Texts for reading comprehension driven by student choice and voice

Student choice, even in early grades, is a powerful motivator, leading to higher buy-in and improved outcomes. Choice Texts makes learning fun and exciting, offering a student-centered, choose-your-own-adventure experience with unprecedented agency.

  • Choice Texts is integrated into K-8 Reading quests and Small Group Skills, including Decodable Choice Texts for early readers.

  • Interactive prompts shape stories, offering pre-selected options and freeform text fields for infinite possibilities.

  • Stories and images are generated in real-time and supported by customizable scaffolding and comprehension questions. Choice Texts combines reading, assessment, and remediation in one tool.

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Choice Math for contextualized word problems based on student interests

With Choice Math, students enjoy contextualized math instruction and practice aligned with the themes they love. Choice Math features word problems and skill practice centered on modern student culture, incorporating favorite Choice Texts topics such as Roblox and YouTubers.

  • Choice Math puts students in control of their math lesson.

  • Differentiation across grade levels ensures age-appropriate, engaging content.

  • Practice problems are automatically aligned with the skills students are working on.

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eSpark Writing for real-time instruction and support featuring a friendly, automated writing tutor

Effortlessly empower student writing growth with eSpark’s AI writing tutor. Watch students thrive as they are guided through the writing process.

  • Diverse prompts tailored to students’ chosen texts, fostering engagement and relevance.

  • Sentence starters, suggestions, and contextual feedback promote active participation.

  • Real-time feedback to celebrate success and support productive struggle.

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Flexible implementation options to support any combination of core and supplemental curriculum

  • Targeted, teacher-directed practice with Small Group Skills
  • Hands-off, independent student work with the Adaptive Path
  • Includes coverage for your state standards in math, reading, and writing

Aligned with the science of how we learn

  • Every lesson begins with explicit, systematic instruction and modeling
  • Practice features a gradual release model and layers of scaffolding
  • Formative assessment provides insight into student mastery and support needs

Proven to improve student outcomes


eSpark’s efficacy is supported by multiple studies meeting ESSA evidence


Students who use eSpark grow 1.5 times faster than their peers on independent benchmark assessments!


eSpark has been awarded the Research-Based Design Product Certification by Digital Promise.

Screenshot of eSpark's Small Group Suggestion email and student levels.

Save time and unlock new insights about student progress

  • Detailed activity reporting and progress monitoring at the classroom, school, and district levels
  • Teachers can review completed student work, including video recordings, writing samples, and Choice Texts creations
  • eSpark delivers proactive weekly email alerts about student accomplishments and intervention recommendations

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