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Screenshot of the title screen for Underwater Adventure, one of eSpark's 3rd grade reading games.
An abacus in the foreground representing one of many fractions activities, with a blurry human figure in the background.
Screenshot of a report from an eSpark Data Analysis deck.
Screenshot of the title screen for Cloud Surfing, one of eSpark's 2nd grade reading activities and games.
A young boy with headphones on looking at a computer screen.
A teacher holding a colorful shape identification sheet up for students on the other side of the table.
A screen capture from a Zoom call featuring the author with some Science of Reading for teachers images in the foreground.
A teacher reading to a group of students on National Read-a-Book Day.
Screenshot from an eSpark Framing Video showing animated characters solving a problem on a chalkboard.
Two teachers working with a variety of kids at a round table.
Screenshot of the title screen from Fishing for Numbers, one of eSpark's 1st grade math games.
Two students writing in a book together while working on small group reading activities.