High Five Day 2023 Recap

A group of students with their teacher, all holding up High Five celebration signs.

National High Five Day was April 20th and our eSpark Ambassadors took the celebrations to a whole new level to honor all the hard work and achievements of their students this school year! With over 375 Ambassador teachers participating in High Five Day celebrations, the day was filled with fun, excitement, and positivity.

From school parades to classroom parties with parents, teachers were pulling out all the stops to honor their students. We’re thrilled to share highlights of the festivities on this special day! 


HighFiveHand Rolling Out the Red Carpet

The 4th graders at Laura Garibay’s school were greeted by administrators, teachers, and parents with a welcome parade that included High Fives galore! It was a fantastic way to kick off the day and spread some high-fiving happiness.

HighFiveHand High-Fiving Frenzy

Throughout the day, students and teachers in many Ambassador classrooms were seen giving each other High Fives left and right. It was a fantastic way to spread positivity and encourage one another to keep up the spark-tacular work! Check out some of the High Fives captured during classroom celebrations.

Photos/video from celebrations in Mary DeSimone, Sarah Nowack, Kelly Frank, Amber Erlenbusch, Angie Osbon, Lalie Ochoa, Sarah Wehrle, and Kara Wooden’s classrooms.

HighFiveHand Feasting Fun

In Ms. Frank, Mrs. Erlenbusch, and Mrs. Young’s classroom, the celebrations were in full swing with an array of treats that would make anyone’s mouth water – popcorn, gum, donuts, and water bottles were all part of the festivities. And guess what? Even parents joined in on the fun

HighFiveHand Reaching for the Stars

Ms. Berger’s 1st and 2nd graders had a blast celebrating High Five Day! It was a true party atmosphere that brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

A class posing with their High Five Day certificates and stickers.

HighFiveHand Dance-a-thon

The Creative Director at Susan Sutherland’s school joined their celebration to take photos and share out with the community on social media. Susan’s 2nd graders celebrated with High Five certificates and an epic dance party!

Students posing with their High Five Day certificates and bookmarks, earning certificates, and having a dance party.

HighFiveHand Puppy-time, Pizza, Party, Repeat

Jessica Hilton’s students enjoyed the company of their school therapy dog, counselor, and assistant principal at their celebration, full of pride, fun, and a pizza party!

Students posing with their school service dog and High Five Day certificates.

HighFiveHand Goodies Galore

Many classrooms were buzzing with excitement as students got creative with coloring pages and certificates to recognize their achievements. Snacks, treats, and prizes were also part of the celebrations in different Ambassador classrooms!

Photos from celebrations in the classrooms of Tania Jones, Mary DeSimone, Kelly Frank, Amber Erlenbusch, Sarah Wehrle, Amy Lower, Arlyn Garay, and Therese Ranker.

HighFiveHand Mic Drop

But the celebrations didn’t stop there! In Ms. Wright’s math class, a whopping 1,716 High Fives had been earned so far this school year in math, and students cheered each other on for their success. 

HighFiveHand Keep Spreading the High-Fiving Joy! 

Now, if you missed out on the celebrations, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with printable High Five resources, including coloring pages, bookmarks, High Five cards, and certificates that you can use to recognize and acknowledge your students’ achievements. 

Keep up the amazing work, and remember to give each other High Fives along the way! Don’t forget to share your moments with us using the hashtag #eSparkHighFiveDay and tagging @eSparkLearning. And hey, even if you’re not on social media, you can still share your photos or videos with us by emailing them to rachela@esparklearning.com, and we’ll be sure to share them on your behalf. 

Until next time, keep on sparkin’! 🖐️🎉

Photos from celebrations in the classrooms of Kristine McWilliams, Kay Townsend, Mary DeSimone, Melissa Winters, Heather Kocjancic, Kara Wooden, Shelly Rice, Sally Faracca, Tania Jones, DeAnna Ely, Blanca Dickerson, Holly Ridgell, Lori Barry, and Amy Brown

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