7 Great Geometry Games for Pi Day and Beyond

What’s your angle? Which side are you on? How far apart are we, really? No, this isn’t a dinner table debate, it’s a geometry lesson! With these free geometry games, your students will have the opportunity to shape up, explore new dimensions, and flex their spatial awareness.

Geometry is one of the rare branches of mathematics that follows students throughout their entire path from kindergarten to high school (and beyond, for many). As always, these activities are free for anyone to play. eSparkers can also monitor student progress and assign the linked Small Group Skills to supplement daily lessons. It’s yet another example of how eSpark is bringing the tried-and-true principles of play-based learning to the digital realm.



1. Shape Search Nature Walk

A kid detective looking at the forest floor with a magnifying glass. 4 shapes to choose from in the foreground.

In this shape recognition geometry game, students will help our intrepid explorer assign shapes to things she finds on her nature walk, from mountains to ladybugs. This activity includes practice with squares, triangles, and circles.


2. Carson Crocodile’s Cleanup

A crocodile in a messy room giving students the instruction to place his shoes under his bed.

In this game, students help Carson clean up his room by identifying shapes and putting them in the correct position relative to the furniture in the room. Once the room is clean, Carson (and your student) get to head out to the soccer field for some quick practice.


3. Shapes Playground

An image of a partially completed triangle next to a playground blueprint and the missing shape.

Benny Bear and Leroy Lion have the blueprints for a new playground, but they need to combine shapes to get the parts they need. Students will combine small shapes to make big ones, then enjoy the fruits of their labor by interacting with the park they’ve built!


1st Grade

4. Build a House

Two animal characters work in a construction site with an empty outline of a pyramid. Five 2D shapes sit in the foreground.

Marvin Mouse and Serena Squirrel are building a house, and only your students can assemble the necessary parts! Students will combine two-dimensional shapes to make a three-dimensional part of the house using parallelograms, squares, triangles, circles, cylinders, and more!


5. Chopping Challenge

An animated GIF showing students chopping foods into fourths and feeding it to hungry hippos.

Chop, chop! Students are tasked with partitioning shapes into halves and quarters to feed a horde of hungry hippos. Few things are more satisfying than slicing that flan in two (but beware the baked beans—those can get messy)!


2nd Grade

6. The Case of the Missing Shapes

A hippo detective is trying to identify which shape has 6 sides and 6 angles, with 4 options to choose from in the foreground.

Ernest the detective is in trouble! He needs to find six missing shapes, but he doesn’t know what they look like. Students will examine clues throughout the city and piece them together to identify the correct shapes based on their number of sides and angles.


7. Sticker Book Sort

We see a two-page sticker book with labels for quadrilaterals and hexagons. Most stickers have already been placed in the corresponding pages.

Stick to it! In this activity, students will sort stickers onto pages based on the shapes they represent. Once they’ve completed all five rounds, they can celebrate with a satisfying sticker free-for-all.


Spark a love of geometric learning

The scope of eSpark’s curriculum includes 15 geometry Quests and dozens of pre-built Small Group Skills lessons from kindergarten through 5th grade. Unlike typical drag-and-drop/multiple-choice online practice, eSpark’s holistic approach engages students with songs, videos, games, and more to deliver engagement you can feel and results you can see. It’s the next evolution of digital learning, and you can sign up for free today by clicking the button at the top of your screen. In the meantime, please enjoy this quadrilateral song, coming soon to a 3rd grade Quest and SGS near you!


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