6 Activities to Help You Teach Rhyming in K-2

We hope this article arrives with good timing,
As you start to tackle the standards for rhyming.
We found things in eSpark we wanted to share,
To help your students become phonologically aware.
From kindergarten to 2nd grade, early readers unite,
To make ending sounds match in a way that sounds right.
We’ve got ice cream and seasons, campfires and llamas,
Our little friend Minnie, and an adventure in pajamas.
So try out the games, or assign Small Group Skills,
Then come back to us next time for more learning thrills!


Kindergarten/1st grade

Aligned standards: CCSS RF.K.2.A, TEKS 1.2.A.i, etc…

1. Ice Cream Cone Zone

A lion holding a partially completed 8-scoop ice cream cone. There are 3 words in the foreground for a student to choose from.

Leon the lion is feeling the heat,
He wants to cool off with an icy cold treat.
The ice cream is melting and kids must act quick,
They’ll need to think hard about which word to pick.


2. Campfire Rhyming Sort

A fox sits next to a campfire. There are 8 objects in the foreground and it looks like the player has selected two correct answers already.

  • Content type: Game
  • This activity is not yet included in a Small Group Skill.

Fox and raccoon are building a fire,
They’re looking for wood that’s a little bit drier.
They can’t collect it without student support,
Click on rhyming words to finish the sort.


2nd grade

Aligned standards: CCSS RL.2.4, TEKS 2.2.A.i, etc…

3. Rhythm and Meaning

Strap in, second graders, for this sweet surprise,
Watch while you work if you want to be wise.
This viral video is a valuable visit,
Ms. McMullan makes magic, you won’t want to miss it.
As a bonus, this video covers rhyming and alliteration,
So kids can grow both skills without changing stations!


4. Minnie in the Middle

Two adults sit on a couch with a happy dog in between them. The first four lines of a poem are a visible example of how this activity can help you teach rhyming.

Minnie doesn’t know how to leave people alone,
She won’t be distracted by a toy or a bone.
Students will see their rhyming skills level up,
As they read this story about one cuddly pup.


5. Seasons are Fun

We see a rhyming text passage about summer with a summery background and a multiple choice question about the text in the foreground.

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall,
Your students will learn why we love them all.
They’ll count up the syllables and pick out the rhymes,
When they work in eSpark, they’re in for fun times.


6. The Witch in the Shoe

A child is looking out from beneath his blanket to see a witch perched in one of his shoes. Four words are highlighted along with a prompt to choose the words that rhyme.

In this dramatic tale, the witch is our friend,
As students will come to find out by the end.
With read-aloud passages and built-in quizzes,
The witch turns your students into rhyming whizzes.


Engagement you can feel, results you can see

The activities in this article to help you teach rhyming were sampled from eSpark’s growing curriculum library, spanning a wide range of math and reading standards in grades K-5 (with additional grade-level coverage to differentiate up and down). eSpark content is always fresh, never boring, and includes activities like these to go along with a wide variety of instructional videos, songs, and checks for understanding.

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