4 Telling Time Songs for Kids

Telling time is a pretty important life skill. There’s a reason it’s addressed in every math standards framework in the U.S., from rounding to the nearest hour to pinpointing time to the nearest minute. Other concepts, like analog vs. digital and a.m. vs. p.m. are also developed along that journey.

Although there are plenty of resources available to help kids develop these skills, few are unique and memorable enough to stick for long. That’s why eSpark created the Minute Monsters, a lovable band of time-telling pals who groove and rock their way through the basics, with songs that appeal to kids from kindergarten through 3rd grade. As always, these songs are available for assignment via eSpark’s Small Group Skills, and students will encounter them on their adaptive, independent Quests in the Measurement and Data domain.

Turn up the volume and join us for a few magical minutes as we rock all the way around the clock.

1. The Power to Know the Hour

We’ve got the power to know the hour, if we’re looking at a watch or a clock tower…

Spend some time with the small hand of clocks in every shape and size, and watch your students get the hang of counting all the way around with this powerful, ‘80s pop rock-inspired tune.

2. Skip Around the Clock

Skip, skip, skip around the clock. Count by five, take a trip around the clock…

The big hand sees some action in this groovy tune about moving around the clock in increments of five. Time truly is a flat circle when the Minute Monsters translate minutes to a number line to help students better grasp the concept with familiar visuals.

3. AM and PM

Hey, hey, what you say? 24 hours in a day. Oooh, oooh, here’s what we do—noon divides the day into A.M. and P.M…

Comparing this video to other resources on the topic is like the difference between night and day. This funky jam features a unique spin on a.m. versus p.m., with catchy lyrics to help students remember which is which.

4. Minute Hand ‘Round the Clock

Minute hand ‘round the clock, minute hand goes around. You’ve got to use every line if you want to tell the time…

The final step in our time-telling journey features the smallest increment on most analog clocks. By the end of this catchy anthem, students will have a better idea of how to read time with precision at a glance.

Bonus: Take the Album Home

Telling Time with the Minute Monsters is now available on Amazon Music, Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify. Click the link below to find it on your platform of choice and add the Minute Monsters to your favorite eduplaylist.

An album cover featuring the animated Minute Monsters band and the title "Telling Time with the Minute Monsters"

Get the Music

The Minute Monsters represent a forward-facing element in eSpark’s content. Our long-term goal is to help students make connections between related topics with unique and recognizable characters, so every standards-based Quest can feel like a part of something greater. To eSparkers everywhere: we look forward to helping you bring the concepts of play-based and holistic learning to your classrooms for many years to come.

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