eSpark’s Data Analysis & Consultation Service

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Crunching Numbers with eSpark Data Services

In this digital age, some school districts are fortunate enough to have teams of dedicated data managers tasked with pulling, cleaning, analyzing, and interpreting data from the dozens of systems used in a typical learning environment. From mandatory state reporting to due diligence and efficacy analysis, these data managers have no shortage of responsibilities, and most lack the bandwidth to conduct a thorough analysis of every single program being used by students and teachers.

At eSpark, we’ve seen how important awareness and transparency are to any edtech implementation. When leaders know what’s going on, it becomes much easier to celebrate and amplify successes, address strategic shortfalls, and set teachers up for success on a year-to-year basis. With our Data Analysis and Consultation service, we handle the custom reporting, segmentation, and interpretation of your eSpark usage and progress data so you can focus on the results and takeaways. 


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How does it work?

eSpark partners who have signed up for this service enjoy personalized, white glove data support from their account managers at both mid-year and end-of-year touchpoints. We’ll dive in and crunch the numbers for you, share them in an easy-to-consume format, then provide clear next steps for how you can get more out of this partnership.

Every summary report includes the following sections:

  • Teacher habit assessment: How is eSpark being used in your school or district, and how does that usage compare to the rest of the eSpark family?
  • Student Quest mastery trends: Which math and ELA standards are your students crushing, and which need additional support?
  • By the numbers: Who’s using eSpark, what have your students accomplished, and what kind of growth are they experiencing on their quizzes?
  • Anecdotal and qualitative insights: What are your teachers saying about eSpark? What are some best practices we’ve seen from your eSpark Champions?
  • Recommendations: Are any popular and/or effective eSpark features being underutilized? What are some steps your teachers and instructional coaches can take in the next term to achieve even greater results?

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Why does it matter?

Implementation fidelity is the key driver of student outcomes for any curriculum program, core or supplemental. Educational technology rarely has a measurable impact in a vacuum, but when integrated into the classroom routine with purpose, eSpark has been proven time and time again to save teachers time and help students grow at a faster rate. We see it as our duty to equip you with the tools you need to experience that kind of success.

That’s why we’ve priced the Data Analysis & Consultation service to essentially cover the cost of labor for the time spent analyzing the data and putting the report together, making it affordable for all of our partners, from the smallest school to the largest district. We’ll do the leg work so you can focus on building and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement.


To sign up for eSpark’s Data Analysis and Consultation service, contact your account manager or click here!


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