Personalized Learning on the iPad

for K–8 students in General Ed, RtI and Special Ed

how it works

Our Solution

eSpark empowers teachers to transform their classrooms with technology. With our solution, iPad instruction focuses on each student’s individual needs to improve their academic outcomes.

Relevant, student-centered curriculum

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Understandable, actionable data

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Streamlined, easy iPad setup

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Expert coaching and ongoing support

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eSpark is accelerating student achievement in districts across the country. But don't just take our word for it—check out our microdocumentaries, case studies, and testimonials to hear what our partners have to say.

“My biggest challenge was trying to meet the needs of all of my students. eSpark helped to close the achievement gap by allowing us to find where our students need help the most and getting them that help.”

Chris Estadt, Kindergarten Teacher
Elizabeth Forward School District