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Many teachers use eSpark for a half hour 2 to 3 times a week, but each classroom is unique! Hear from fellow educators about their approach to implementation.


I love how easy eSpark makes it for me to differentiate learning for my students every day. It makes learning fun, engaging and challenging for them all.

Amy B

1st Grade Teacher in New Jersey

Teacher FAQs

What is eSpark?

eSpark provides engaging, standards-based lessons that help K-5 students succeed in reading and math at their own level. 

Can I try eSpark in my classroom?

Yes! Teachers can sign up to use eSpark for free with their students.

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What devices does eSpark work on?

eSpark works on all classroom devices with an internet connection including iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, and desktops.

How can I use eSpark to support my students?

With eSpark, teachers can:

  • Assign leveled small group lessons to easily target specific standards and skills
  • Enable students to learn at their own pace on a personalized, adaptive pathway
  • Inform your small groups with weekly email alerts and monitor students' progress over time 

Which standards is eSpark's curriculum aligned to?

eSpark’s apps, videos, games, activities, and critical thinking assessments fully align to Common Core and many state standards including Next Generation Learning Standards, Ohio’s Learning Standards, Michigan Academic Standards, Illinois Learning Standards, and more. 

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