Introducing the eSpark Numbers Lab

Discerning eSparkers may have noticed that our learning designers have quietly been rolling out a new series of eSpark-created math games throughout our curriculum since late last school year. There are enough of them out in the wild now that we’re pleased to formally announce our new Numbers Lab activity type!


What is it? 

Numbers Lab activities offer a simple and fun math practice replacement for third-party content in eSpark’s Math Quests and Small Group Skills. These activities empower students to sharpen their math skills in a recognizable and repeatable format, with recurring themes throughout the student experience. This approach will lead to a more consistent journey, providing students with a sense of familiarity and connection across standards and domains. 

We see two groups of five arrowheads. Questions are answered about how many groups there are and how many in total.



Where can I find it? 

We have released about 100 Numbers Lab activities to date, with many more on the way. The Numbers Lab will make up a healthy percentage of eSpark’s math practice activities in the near term. You can find Numbers Lab activities in Quests and in many SGS assignments. 


Try it out

Here are just a few examples of the Numbers Lab in action: 


Playfully personalized learning

Numbers Lab is just the latest in a series of recent improvements to the eSpark student experience, all of which are closely aligned with the concepts of play-based learning and high-quality instruction. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Choice Texts yet, see for yourself how eSpark has made literacy instruction more accessible to even the most reluctant readers. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on the playful personalization front throughout the year. 


Additional resources

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