10 Free 2nd Grade Reading Activities to Teach Foundational Skills

Screenshot of the title screen for Cloud Surfing, one of eSpark's 2nd grade reading activities and games.

Sparking a love for learning takes time—and a great activity to kickstart it! If you’ve been searching for 2nd grade reading activities and games that are truly engaging for kids, you’re in luck. We have plenty to share!

Our team of former educators has created these effective and engaging resources you can use to help your students master key standards. All of the games listed below are aligned with most state standards, and can be found within eSpark’s differentiated reading curriculum. Try out these games with your students for free!


1. Wombat Treasure Quest

Wombat Wayne is on a quest to find hidden treasure! He needs your help finding the clues in his collection of secret scrolls.

A game title screen featuring a wombat, the title "Wombat Quest" and a play button.


2. All About National Parks

Learn all about the national parks in this eSpark eBook!

Cover of an eBook titled "All About National Parks"

  • Skill: Nonfiction Text Features


3. Peanut Butter and Charlie

Listen to this story about Peanut Butter and Charlie, and pay attention to the problems—and how they’re solved! 

Peanut Butter and Charlie cover page featuring a large play button.


4. Azure Leads the Way

Read about Azure, a dragonfly who lived on a flower pond, and pay attention to the problems—and how they’re solved!

Colorful story cover for Azure Leads the Way, featuring a large play button.


5. Levi’s Long Vowel Parade

Choose the balloon with the right word to help Levi build the floats for his parade!

A small boy leads a parade through a street with a large play button in the foreground.


6. Olive vs. The Dragons

Olive the Knight is guarding the castle—from dragons! Help her find the long and short vowel sounds to scare them away.

A title screen showing olive the night, three dragons, a castle, and a large play button.

  • Skill: Long and Short Vowels

7. Cloud Surfing Sight Words

Soar through the sky by selecting the sight words that you hear. Gain a power boost by answering correctly on the first try!

A title screen featuring a kid in a jet pack and a large play button.


8. Jungle Racers: Affixes Edition

Complete the sentences with the right expressions to beat your friends in a race through the jungle.

Title screen with a jungle background and a large play button.

  • Skill: Root Words

9. Unicorn Magic

Help the unicorn in Sparkle Meadow recharge her powers by answering questions about words.

Title screen featuring a dark background, the words "Unicorn Magic," and a large play button.

  • Skill: Compound Words

10. Dakota’s Dog Rescue

Dakota needs your help taking care of the dogs in her rescue. To help, answer the word meaning questions correctly.

Title screen featuring the words "Dakota's Dog Rescue," a pet shop cashier, and a large play button.

  • Skill: Multiple Meaning Words

As a reminder, these 2nd grade reading activities and games are all part of eSpark’s playfully personalized curriculum. They are woven into individual student Quests and included in our pre-built Small Group Skills lessons. To access the full library of activities and assign them to your students, click the sign up button at the top of your screen for a free trail of all eSpark has to offer.

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