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By Taylor Martin • June 6, 2022

10 Free Online Reading Games for 1st Grade

The reading skills taught in first grade are crucial in developing a level of understanding students can build upon throughout the rest of their educational journey.

Our team of former educators created these effective and engaging no-prep resources you can use to help your students master key standards, all while fostering a love of reading! All of the games listed below are tailored to Common Core standards and can be found within eSpark’s personalized reading curriculum. Try out these free online reading games for 1st grade with your students!


Campfire Building

1. Campfire Shape Sort

Standard: 1.RF.3.a

Found in the Quest “Sh” and “Ch”

Help Fox and Raccoon build a campfire! Select the correct items that start with “ch” or “sh” to help Fox collect sticks. 


Dakota's Dog Rescue

2. Dakota’s Dog Rescue 

Standard: 1.L.4.a 

Found in the Quest “Context Clues” 

Expand your vocabulary at Dakota’s Dog Rescue! Select which dog you would like to care for, then learn new words as you complete each task.


Rama Llama is Causing Drama

3. Rama Llama is Causing Drama

Standard: 1.RL.1 

Found in the Quest “Questions about Stories”

Uh oh, Rama Llama broke the one rule of their friend group—they caused drama! Find out what happened in this coloful, llama-filled story.


Olive vs. the Dragon

4. Olive vs. The Dragon 

Standard: 1.RF.2.a

Found in the Quest “Long and Short Vowels”

Olive the Knight needs your help. Help her find the long and short vowel sounds to scare the dragons away from the castle.


Moving Words

5. Moving Words 

Standard: 1.RF.2.d

Found in the Quest “Blend Sounds to Make Words”

Help Chris move out of his house in this free online reading game for 1st grade. Read each word, sounding it out out loud, then select the picture that matches each word until Chris’s moving truck is full.


Jacob's Ch Parade

6. Jacob’s Ch Parade

Standard: 1.RF.3.a

Found in the Quest “Sh” and “Ch”

Jacob is putting on the Ch Parade, and he needs your help getting it ready. Choose the items that start with “ch” to build the floats.


Jungle Racers

7. Jungle Racers

\Standard: 1.L.4.b 

Found in the QuestPrefixes and Suffixes”

Select your character to race against other animals through the jungle. Answer questions about prefixes and suffixes to speed past the other cars and win the race!


Adventures with Rabbit and Cat

8. Adventures with Rabbit and Cat

Standard: 1.RL.1 

Found in the Quest “Questions about Stories”

Best friends, Rabbit and Cat, are neighbors. Find out what adventures they get up to and answer questions along the way.


The Floor is Lava

9. The Floor is Lava

Standard: 1.RI.2

Found in the Quest “Find the Main Idea”

Have you ever played The Floor is Lava? Read this story to learn how to play!


Squidge's Day at the Doctor

10. Squidge’s Day at the Doctor

Standard: 1.RL.2

Found in the Quest “Retell Stories”

Squidge doesn’t like going to the doctor. One morning, as he headed out to school, his mom told him he needed to visit the doctor today. He tried hiding and crying and running away. Read the story to learn how his visit went!


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