By Taylor Martin • October 17, 2022

5 Free Online Games to Teach 5th Grade Reading Skills

Sparking a love for learning takes time—and a great activity to kickstart it! If you've been searching for fifth grade reading games and activities that are truly engaging for kids, you're in luck. We have plenty to share!

Our team of former educators has created these effective and engaging resources you can use to help your students master key standards. All of the games listed below are tailored to Common Core standards, and can be found within eSpark’s differentiated math curriculum. Try out these games with your students for free!

1. Making Inferences

Learn about differing reading experiences and making inferences from a text with Mari and Lillian. Help them infer what actually happened in The Case of the Missing Candy.

Standard Alignment: RL.5.1 – Explicit Meaning and Inferences

Making Inferences game

2. Summer Vacation

Julio is trying to figure out what he'll be doing over summer vacation. After talking with his dad, help Julio decide where he would like to spend his vacation using a Venn diagram.

Standard Alignment: RL.5.3 – Comparing Story Elements

Summer Vacation game

3. Swallowed by Carmen Rubin

Oh no! Marty has found himself in a scary swamp! He's sinking in the mud and creepy creatures are lurking around him. Read this story to discover how Marty got here and how he's feeling.

Standard Alignment: RL.5.2 – Summarizing a Text

Swallowed story

4. Parker’s Journal: Middle School

Parker just had his first day of middle school, but it was a little weird. His classes are online, his computer is having troubles, and there's no basketball team this year. Read through Parker's journal to find out what else is happening in this very different first day of school!

Standard Alignment: RL.5.2 – Identify Theme through Characters

Parkers Journal story

5. Dr. Chavez’s Science Lab

Dr. Smevil has released a toxic chemical in the zoo! The animals are mutating and Dr. Smevil is running experiments on them! Help Dr. Chavez make a chemical solution to heal the animals by collecting test tubes and answering questions.

Standard Alignment: RI.5.1 – Quotes and Direct Evidence

Dr Chavez Science Lab game



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