Feature Spotlight: The Admin Dashboard

Screenshot of eSpark's Admin Dashboard showing a growth chart by grade level

All eSpark memberships now include eSpark Admin Dashboard access for administrators at both the district/network and school levels. These dashboards provide high-level insight into how eSpark is being used, what students are working on, and what kind of growth students are experiencing in the program. 

Read on for everything you need to know about how you can use your dashboard to support a stronger implementation leading to better student outcomes.

Step 1: Request Your Account

If you do not have an administrator account already and you believe you should, please contact us at support@esparklearning.com or (312) 894-3100.

Note: Due to student data privacy requirements, administrator accounts can only be issued to school and district officials who are deemed to have a legitimate educational interest in all eSpark data for their respective organizations. If we are unable to make a determination, we may ask known account contacts to verify that you should have the level of access you are requesting.

Step 2: Access Your Dashboard

Sign in here using your administrator credentials.

Step 3: Navigate Your Dashboard

The usage tab

Animated GIF showing the three reports on the usage tab of the eSpark Admin Dashboard

Usage summary

A high-level overview of how much eSpark is being used in each grade level. A usage day is defined as any day that three or more students in a teacher’s section log into eSpark. This graph shows the combined usage days across sections within each grade level.

Standards mastered

The number of standards mastered by your students in eSpark this academic year, grouped by rostered grade level. A student masters a standard by scoring 100% on the pre-quiz OR 80%+ on their final post quiz attempt.

Teacher details

Usage data for all teachers in your school/district this academic year. Click on any teacher’s name to access their dashboard and/or take actions on their behalf (for admins who help teachers roster, assign targeted Small Group Skills, and provide more hands-on support).

The growth tab

Screenshot of the quiz growth chart found on the growth tab of the eSpark Admin Dashboard

This graph shows the average growth for students between the pre and post quiz. This is the best in-product measurement of eSpark’s academic impact across subjects and standards.

The engagement tab

Animated GIF showing the two reports available under the engagement tab of the eSpark Admin Dashboard

Activity engagement

As students progress through eSpark, they watch instructional videos, complete practice tasks, and play interactive games. We ask students to rate each activity with a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down. This graph shows the average thumbs-up percentage for activities in both math and reading by grade level. The higher the number, the more engaged your students are in eSpark.

Favorite activity

Want to see some of your students’ favorite activities for yourself? Click the activity links to see what has held the most appeal for your students this year.

The Choice Texts tab

Why does Choice Texts get its own tab? Because this approach to personalizing lesson content based on student interests is unique to eSpark, and we have ample evidence that students who engage with Choice Texts complete more Quests and master more standards over the course of the year.

Choice Texts completed

The number of Choice Texts activities your students have completed each week during this academic year.

Choice Texts completed – All eSpark

The total number of Choice Texts completed each week during the academic year by eSparkers. A great way to compare your data to global norms.

Choice Texts engagement

After each Choice Text passage, eSpark asks students to rate the activity. Here’s how they have responded. Higher ratings mean more engagement, typically leading to a boost in outcomes.

See what your students are interested in this year! This list ranks the top nonfiction Choice Texts topics from your school or district.

We Are Here to Help

Have a question about your eSpark admin dashboard and/or your data? Want to dive a little deeper to pull out even more actionable insights? Your customer support manager is here to help. Please reach out to your dedicated rep directly or send us a message at support@esparklearning.com.

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