6 Free First Grade Reading Games to Teach Foundational Skills

The reading foundational skills taught in these first grade reading games are crucial in developing a level of understanding students can build upon throughout the rest of their educational journey.

Our team of former educators has created these effective and engaging resources you can use to help your students master key standards, all while fostering a love of reading! All of the games listed below are tailored to state standards, and can be found within eSpark’s differentiated reading curriculum. Try out these games with your students for free!


1. Suzy Sloth’s Sentences

In this interactive game, Suzy Sloth helps students learn how to recognize the distinguishing features of a sentence, like capitalization and punctuation.


Animated GIF featuring a sloth, a book, and a play button.

  • Standard Alignment: Recognize the distinguishing features of a sentence (e.g., first word, capitalization, ending punctuation)
  • Assign the Small Group Skill


2. Olive vs. The Dragons

Your students can play this game to learn how to differentiate long and short vowel sounds by helping Olive the Knight keep her castle safe from dragons!


Animated GIF featuring a young female knight, dragons, a castle, and a play button.


3. Digraph Nature Walk

This fun game takes students on a trip through nature as they learn spelling-sound correspondences for secondary consonant digraphs -wh, -th, and -ck.


Animated GIF featuring a young detective in a forest setting.

  • Standard Alignment: Know the spelling-sound correspondences for common consonant digraphs

4. Magic ‘e’

Students will develop an understanding of final -e and common vowel team conventions for representing long vowel sounds, all while putting together a magic show!


Animated GIF featuring a magician "E" and a start button.


5. Chef Duck’s Word Cafe

In this game, your students can help Chef Duck serve up tasty recipes by filling in the missing long vowel sounds and learning common vowel team conventions.


Animated GIF featuring a chef duck and various foods with letters on them.


6. Quincy’s Sight Word Dig

This interactive game will help your students recognize and read irregularly spelled words, so Quincy the Dog can find all of the bones she has buried!


Animated GIF featuring a dog and several digging piles with sight words on them.


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