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eSpark is a proud winner of the NewSchools Ignite English Language Learning Challenge

Adaptable to a variety of classroom models and student needs, eSpark’s features put all students, regardless of native language, on track for standard mastery.

Educational researchers at WestEd say that eSpark…

“Does a nice job of differentiating academic content for students of all language levels”

“Provides multiple scaffolds to support the needs of ELLs”

“Is fun and enjoyable for young children and makes significant connections to the real world”

WIDA-Aligned Scaffolding and Supports

A reading passage with one highlighted sentence to indicate that it is being read aloud to an English Language Learner student

Audio Support

English language learners have access to full read-aloud capabilities as they work through math and reading content. Reading level is not a barrier to learning new skills.

Audio support is self-directed by the student. Teachers can control audio defaults for every student.

Oral Language Practice

Post-Quest video reflections give students authentic speaking practice and promote deeper levels of learning.

Reteaching and reflection video prompts empower students to organize their thoughts, practice their writing skills, and practice the same skills needed to achieve speech proficiency per the WIDA Speaking Rubric.

A screenshot of a video prompt that can help English Language Learners practice speaking skills
A screenshot of a critical-thinking challenge aligned with English Language Learners' need for feedback and scaffolding

Research-Based Scaffolds

Critical-thinking challenges and real-time feedback provide a wide range of scaffolding that enables students to interact with spoken and written feedback.

eSpark Quests incorporate graphic organizers, interactive texts with images and audio, and instructional activities that provide feedback in the moment. This varied approach helps students gain independence on their journey to standards mastery.

eSpark Reading Highlights for English Language Learners

Foundational Reading

eSpark’s curriculum features extensive coverage of the Reading Foundational domain to help students grasp the fundamentals of vocabulary, phonics, and print skills.
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Science of Reading

eSpark is closely aligned with the Science of Reading, from explicit and systematic instruction to purposeful coverage of all five essential components of reading.
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Vocabulary Instruction

Explicit vocabulary instruction helps students build word recognition, improve their fluency, and grow more confident with their mastery of the English language.
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Playful Personalization

Not only does eSpark’s adaptive path help students learn at their own pace and level, we now also build entire lessons around each students’ interests.
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Real-World Results: A District Case Study

Headshot of Beatriz Maldonado, Assistant Superintendent at Berwyn South School District 100

“Find organizations such as eSpark that are really innovating on this idea of supporting English Language Learners with technology.”

District Demographics
3,644 students
26% ELL population
63% of students speak a language other than English at home

“We have a variety of needs in terms of language acquisition, from children who don’t know any English to children who are somewhat proficient but need additional language acquisition support… However, for our dual language students, most of the programs out there aren’t meeting their needs.

[If you are considering a program for instruction and practice], find organizations such as eSpark that are really innovating on this idea of supporting English Language Learners with technology.”

Beatriz Maldonaldo
Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning

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