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A parrot in a spacesuit against a starry backdrop, representing a Choice Texts story created by a student.

Once upon a time, in a small town on Earth, lived a parrot named Joe. Joe was special. He was smart, brave, and curious. He wanted to explore the universe beyond his cage and town. He loved looking at the stars and dreaming about flying through the galaxies.

One day, Joe got a great chance. Scientists at the town’s space research center were looking for a parrot to go to Mars. They thought Joe’s intelligence and adaptability would be perfect for the mission. Joe worked hard and learned how to use the spaceship and talk to the scientists.

The day came for Joe to fly to Mars. He was excited as he took off in the spaceship. As he got closer, he saw the red planet. He landed the spaceship and started exploring. He found strange rocks, red dust, and even a dust storm! Joe was brave and curious. He faced every challenge and made discoveries.

One day, Joe found a shiny object buried in the Martian soil. It was an old, alien artifact! He sent pictures to Earth and the scientists were thrilled. Joe became famous. Kids loved hearing about his adventures and admired his bravery.

After a few months, Joe returned home. He was a hero. He was given the title of “Bravest Parrot in the Universe” and his story was told in schools. Joe kept dreaming and looking at the stars, ready for the next adventure.

A parrot in a spacesuit looking at an alien artifact on the surface of Mars.
The end

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