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  The Gamification of Education

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How can gamification enhance student learning?

It’s undeniable: students are more tech-savvy than ever. With the abundance of digital tablets currently on the market, kids are exposed to all sorts of gadgets and gizmos before they even enter into kindergarten. What happens when the familiar and engaging qualities of a gaming mentality are incorporated into an educational environment?

Watch this previously recorded webinar with Senior Curriculum Innovation Specialist Maren McMullan and eSpark Data Scientist Maya Lopuch as they share why gamification has tremendous potential in the education space and how it can be used to deliver truly meaningful experiences to students.

During this webinar, you will learn

  • Research about gaming in the classroom
  • How teachers can successfully facilitate and manage classroom gaming

  • The different classifications of iPad games and how to identify those that are most meaningful to students

  • A list of the top game-like apps and what skills they teach to provide the most educational value
Maren McMullan

Maren McMullan

Senior Curriculum Innovation Specialist

In her previous work as a classroom teacher, Maren recognized technology’s ability to provide differentiated learning experiences. As eSpark’s second team member, Maren has guided the curriculum development process to become increasingly more data-driven, rigorous, and “four C’s” focused.

Maya Lopuch

Maya Lopuch

Data Scientist

As Data Scientist at eSpark, Maya believes in using data and statistics to inform and improve education. Prior to joining eSpark, she was a researcher at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where her work investigated how public schools impact inequality and long term student outcomes.