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  Differentiating Learning with iPads

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Success stories from an innovative principal

The iPad has made a name for itself in education to be a “magic” device in the hands of certain students. But can it be magical, engaging, and impactful in the hands of every student? The need to tailor instruction for different populations of learners is leading district leaders to develop blended learning programs that deliver differentiated lessons to each individual in a classroom.

Join us for a special edition of our District Speaker Series featuring Ms. Cathy Croy, Principal and incoming Superintendent of Clay City Schools, as she discusses how both remedial and high achieving students in her district are succeeding with personalized iPad learning.

During this recorded webinar, Ms. Croy will

  • Share why Clay City implemented iPads to serve remedial students before expanding the program to their high-achieving population
  • Explain how to enable teachers to deliver personalized iPad curriculum and hold students accountable to ensure academic achievement

  • Answer participants’ questions and give advice on how other districts can achieve success with mobile learning

Ms. Croy

Ms. Cathy Croy

Principal and Superintendent-Elect, Clay City CUSD #10

Ms. Cathy Croy is the current Principal of Clay City Elementary which serves Kindergarten- Fifth Graders in Illinois. Ms. Croy will assume the role of district Superintendent in the fall of 2014. She played an integral role in the decision to implement iPads and eSpark to differentiate learning for students at Clay City. At-Risk and Enrichment students were the targeted groups at the start of the year, but the growth shown by students using eSpark led to all students K-5 using the program by the end of the school year. Students are excited to come to school and learn since she has implemented eSpark.