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Building a Culture of Innovation

Located just outside of Pittsburgh in rural Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Forward is considered to be one of the most forward-thinking districts in the country.

In early 2010, after coming under new leadership, the district embraced a culture of innovation, introducing new technology and teaching strategies into its classrooms. After joining the League of Innovative Schools in 2013, the Apple Distinguished District has continued to push the limits of student engagement and learning, achieving national recognition for its 1:1 learning initiative and creative approaches to student-centered learning.

In this webinar, Dr. Todd Keruskin, Assistant Superintendent of the Elizabeth Forward School District, explores how school and district leaders can build a culture of innovation. Recognized as one of the top administrators in the country, Dr. Keruskin worked with the White House to develop a 10-year STEM plan for schools across the US.

During this recorded webinar, we cover the following topics:

  • Why Elizabeth Forward is reimagining learning with award-winning makerspaces, labs, and technology initiatives
  • What life-changing education looks like for different grade bands and ability levels
  • How Elizabeth Forward students demonstrated above average growth in a nationally normed assessment

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