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Save hours on lesson planning and differentiation

Our team of former educators curates engaging digital content aligned to each student’s unique skill levels and interests, allowing you more time to do what you do best. Our tools allow students to work independently and at their own pace while you provide individuals and small groups with targeted support and instruction.

Differentiation with Student Centered Learning

Monitor student progress and growth in real-time

Track your students’ success and assign additional practice from your teacher dashboard. Weekly emails update you when students have mastered a new standard or need additional support and intervention.

Digital solutions for every classroom

We’re with you every step of the way

We’re ready to take on any questions or challenges you encounter in the transition to new classroom technology. Virtual and on-site professional development ensures you develop the skills needed to successfully incorporate our student-centered learning products into your classroom.

Virtual and On-Site Professional Development
Teaching through Differentiation and Student Centered Learning

“My personal understanding of each child’s needs has improved, which I feel is a direct result of the increased time I can spend with each student.”

Maureen Langenderfer

Teacher at Utica Community School, Michiagn

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