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Pre-K ELA Standards Aligned Teaching Resources

The Common Core standards for English Language Arts start at the Kindergarten grade level, but eSpark Learning understands that education should begin in the years before. That’s why we’ve developed standards-aligned teaching resources for Pre-K students, helping them build a strong foundation of knowledge before taking on the goals and standards outlined for them in Kindergarten.

During this foundational year for Pre-K students, the curriculum will introduce many new concepts throughout three domains and 18 total standards.

In the first domain, students will focus on building reading skills. They’ll start to learn, recognize, and recite letters of the alphabet, identify words that rhyme, and practice common letter sounds. Students will also begin to engage with and understand different types of texts and stories during this time.

From there, Pre-K students will learn to expand their knowledge of simple and familiar words. With guidance and support, they will begin to identify words with similar and opposite meanings. They’ll also start to apply those meanings to the world around them by describing places and sorting objects.

Finally, students will start to explore the world of literature, where they’ll practice listening to and telling stories. Through engaging activities, they will also learn to identify characters and settings, define unknown words through context and illustration, and recognize different types of texts, such as poems, storybooks, and nursery rhymes. 

With eSpark’s standards-aligned teaching resources, Pre-K students can learn 1.5 times faster than their peers, laying a solid foundation of knowledge that will prepare them for the year ahead. Teachers can also closely track students’ progress, ensuring they are on the right learning track.

See Pre-K Standards Teaching Resources by Domain

eSpark’s Pre-K ELA curriculum is divided into three domains: Reading Foundational Skills, Language, and Reading Literature. Throughout each domain and standard, teachers can tap into eSpark Learning resources, activities, games, and videos to help students better understand these brand-new concepts. Along the way, teachers can use eSpark’s real-time data to identify any gaps in learning and adjust their curriculum to fit the needs of their students and classroom.

Reading Foundational Skills

  • Learn and recognize several letters of the alphabet
  • Begin to identify words that rhyme in familiar songs and jingles
  • Identify the most common letter sounds in familiar words, like names and classroom items
  • Start to engage with and understand different stories

Reading Literature

  • Listen to and retell familiar stories, nursery rhymes, or poems
  • Identify important characters and settings of familiar stories
  • Use context clues and illustrations to define unfamiliar words
  • Recognize different types of texts, like stories and poems
  • Tell a familiar story with pictures
  • Identify and compare similar characters and experiences from different stories


  • Generate words with similar meanings
  • Sort objects into different categories, like colors, shapes, and textures
  • Start to understand opposites of familiar words
  • Describe real-life places
  • Understand the meaning of different verbs through playing and creativity

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