The easy, effective way to integrate writing into your literacy instruction

Most educators acknowledge the need to prioritize writing instruction, but it can be challenging to allocate sufficient time and resources to the subject. eSpark Writing leverages the power of generative AI to provide real-time, 1:1 support throughout the writing process. Students progress from the sentence level up to full, cohesive narratives on topics they choose based on their interests.

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Meet Willow, your friendly, AI-powered writing tutor

Willow acts as a supportive source of explicit instruction and personalized, real-time feedback throughout every eSpark Writing activity. Willow’s role in eSpark Writing includes:

  • Generating a variety of prompts for students to choose from based on their selected text
  • Encouraging students to initiate the writing process with sentence starters and suggestions
  • Helping students transition from one sentence to the next with clear instructions and purpose
  • Celebrating success and encouraging productive struggle with real-time feedback
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Feature Spotlight: eSpark Writing

See a comprehensive video walk-through of the teacher and student experiences. Learn more about how to use and assign eSpark Writing activities in your classroom.

The Science Behind eSpark Writing

eSpark Writing activities are built on a foundation of decades of research on writing pedagogy, instructional frameworks, and the science of reading. Recent studies have also validated the underlying concept of real-time AI instruction and feedback to support independent learning.

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A New Center

Supplement the work your students are doing in eSpark math and reading by adding a new writing center to your rotation.

State Test Prep

More and more states are emphasizing writing on end-of-year tests. eSpark Writing has been released just in time to help your students prepare.

Let’s write together!

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