“We were really attracted to eSpark first for differentiation. Our whole point of focusing our efforts in this area for students with disabilities was to capitalize on the ability to differentiate within online learning.”


eSpark helps districts with Special Education populations to:

Target IEP Goals with Differentiation

With activities that are both engaging and academically rigorous, eSpark provides differentiated curriculum that is motivating and developmentally appropriate. eSpark can augment lessons that are already in place to reduce the amount of time spent creating materials to fulfill each student’s IEP accommodations. Text-to-speech functionality and audio support help students with special needs interact successfully with material in a way that is most meaningful to them.

Mitigate Behavior Management Issues

The sensory needs of students need to be met by technology in the same way they are met in the physical classroom to improve behavior management. Students with poor fine motor skills can still interact meaningfully with curriculum and take ownership of their learning. eSpark’s playfully personalized approach has helped students with ADHD and other attention disorders stay engaged, motivated, and on-task.

Monitor IEP Goal Progress

To ensure strategies are effective in helping students progress toward their annual goals, teachers have access to online dashboards and automated weekly email alerts to track daily usage, view quiz scores and student-created videos, and monitor academic progress to identify opportunities for follow-up, intervention, and celebration.

Free Teacher Time for 1:1 Support

Automated differentiation saves teachers time, enabling them to work one-on-one with high-needs students or provide small group instruction. Special education students in both a pull-out, self-contained environment and a push-in, inclusion model can log into eSpark and receive instruction tailored to their unique learning needs.

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