Are your online programs making you a better teacher? Turn raw data into actionable insights with eSpark’s premium reporting features.

From high-level mastery to granular student activity, eSpark reports give you the information you need to effectively plan your instruction. Don’t have the time to dig into your reports every week? No problem! eSpark’s weekly email series summarizes your class’s highlights and provides lesson recommendations when students are struggling.

Activity reporting

Check in on what your students are doing each day in eSpark. The activity report includes visual indicators of daily progress, post-quiz results, a summary of all completed Quests, and the amount of time students spent in eSpark. Hover over any day to see each student’s summary, or drill down to pull up a comprehensive summary of each student’s results over time.

Progress monitoring

Keep tabs on student mastery with classroom-level reporting by subject, domain, and standard. Drill down to the individual student level for a comprehensive overview of eSpark progress and quiz results. Review post-quizzes to identify areas of need. Use progress and proficiency data to group students for intervention, acceleration, or additional 1:1 support.

Administrator dashboards

School and district admins enjoy a birds-eye view of the impact eSpark is having throughout the year. Teacher usage with drill-down, standards mastered by grade level, average growth over time, and student engagement across subjects are just some of the eSpark reports available on the admin dashboard. There’s no better way to track the fidelity and outcomes of your eSpark implementation.

Animated GIF showing the various charts available under the usage tab of the eSpark administrator dashboard.

Weekly email notifications

eSparkers receive two summary emails every week. The Wednesday High Five email highlights student successes, listing the students who achieved mastery on their Quests or Small Group Skills assignments. Monday’s Small Group email alerts teachers to students who are struggling with a specific standard and provides lesson suggestions to help shore up those gaps. This approach gives teachers the peace of mind that comes with knowing they don’t have to log in every week to stay on top of what’s happening.

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