Remember when students had to choose from a stack of one-size-fits-all decodable readers? No more!

Students choose their main character and setting

Students have the agency to practice with Decodable Choice Texts tailored to what they want to read. More engagement = more focus = more learning.

Screenshot of a Decodable Choice asking student to choose character and setting
Screenshot of a Decodable Choice Text about a snake

Every story is unique

Experience the playfully personalized magic of Generative AI in the safe, secure, and evidence-based learning environment that is eSpark.

Post-reading checks for understanding

After reading their decodables, students are asked to demonstrate their understanding of the specific state standard or skill they are working on, either in their adaptive learning path or in a teacher-assigned Small Group Skill.

Screenshot of a decodables quiz question in eSpark
Screenshot of three different Small Group Skills based on decodables in eSpark

Aligned with the science of reading

Decodable Choice Texts provide a differentiated approach to systematic, explicit phonics instruction. These activities include coverage for dozens of foundational reading standards spanning kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Learn more about eSpark’s alignment with the science of reading here.

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