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Watch as even the most reluctant readers react to the magic of Choice Texts!

How it works

Choice Texts can be found in most Reading Literature and Reading Informational Quests in grades K-8. Students enjoy Choice Texts in both their adaptive independent learning paths and their teacher-assigned Small Group Skills lessons.


eSpark’s own Rocky keeps students engaged and on-task with friendly, conversational dialogue, guiding them with scaffolding and support.


Students choose based on their own personal interests, generating engaging texts suited to their skill level.


Every Choice Text is aligned with a reading standard and includes built-in assessment, remediation, and feedback.

What teachers are saying

Safety, moderation, and pedagogy

eSpark is committed to ensuring a safe and instructionally-sound environment for every student. This includes the following safeguards:

Stringent content moderation

Inappropriate inputs are blocked prior to story generation.

Transparency for teachers

Teachers have full visibility into student work and interests. 

Student data privacy

eSpark keeps all identifiable data siloed from the prompts used to build stories.

High-quality instruction

Standards-aligned lessons feature targeted skills practice with a personal twist.

Learning design

eSpark’s Learning Designers use rigorous rubrics and prompts to keep content age-appropriate.

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