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Meeting the academic needs of your student

Chris Estadt

“[Since launching eSpark] my struggling learners are now so much more confident because they now feel good about their learning and it’s paced to them. My higher learners are getting something that I couldn’t give them in a whole-group setting.”

Chris Estadt

Kindergarten Teacher, Pennsylvania

Learning essential skills through vetted resources

Our iPad and web-based solutions provide your student with engaging, academically rigorous resources, activities, and quizzes aligned to his or her skill levels and interests. Students that use eSpark Learning show high levels of engagement and outperform their peers nationwide.

Student and Parents
Student Creation Projects

Preparing your student for real-world success

Reteaching videos and creation projects ask students to synthesize and apply their learning, building the critical thinking skills students need in order to succeed in school and life. Student work is celebrated on the screen and in the classroom, and projects can be downloaded and shared with your family.

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