Differentiated iPad Curriculum

eSpark takes the guesswork out of finding a rigorous and engaging iPad curriculum for your classroom. With eSpark, each student can work independently on a custom suite of apps and activities differentiated to his or her unique learning profile.

eSpark iPad Curriculum

Personalized learning plans on the iPad

Students log in to the eSpark app to complete self-paced learning plans made up of curated apps, videos, and quizzes aligned to state standards and differentiated for their unique academic needs.

Custom Assignments

When a student is stuck or a lesson falls flat, Custom Assignments allow teachers to easily assign additional practice and reteaching to an individual student, small group, or whole classroom of learners.

Want an inside look at eSpark? You can tour the full student app experience and data dashboards for teachers in our interactive demo.

Data-informed diagnosis

eSpark analyzes nationally normed, third-party assessment data to diagnose student learning needs and identify areas for targeted instruction.

Student-centric goal setting

Based on our diagnosis, eSpark assigns every student differentiated learning goals to help them master state standards in ELA and Math. Teachers can adjust goals quickly and easily with a simple drag-and-drop tool on their online dashboard.

Formative assessment & synthesis activities

After working through a series of apps and instructional videos, students verify concept mastery by completing a post-quiz before creating a re-teaching video to synthesize learning and advancing to a new academic goal.

Built-in feedback loop

With every instructional video watched and learning app explored, eSpark asks its student users to rate the activity with a thumbs up or thumbs down. These detailed insights allow us to continually enhance our curriculum to be highly immersive and rigorous for our learners.

"I’m amazed by eSpark Learning. I know teachers don’t have enough time to find which apps are effective and aligned to each Common Core standard and grade level. eSpark does that for us."

Dr. Todd Keruskin, Assistant Superintendent of Elizabeth Forward School District