North Carolina students these days are built differently. So is eSpark. Scroll down to learn how eSpark can align your district with DPI guidance on generative AI implementation and help your teachers create more magical moments in their classrooms.

These are Just Some of the NC Districts Partnering with eSpark

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Image courtesy of the NC DPI Digital Learning Initiative web page here.

Aligned with the NC Digital Learning Plan and Generative AI Implementation Recommendations

eSpark directly supports key statewide initiatives, including the 2024 North Carolina Generative AI Implementation Recommendations and Considerations for PK-12 Public Schools. This strategic alignment includes:

  • Just-in-time, objective, and targeted assistance: eSpark adapts and scaffolds lessons based on student responses and proficiency
  • Real-time feedback and remediation: Our AI-driven feedback system delivers instant, actionable feedback and modeling to students.
  • Teacher involvement: eSpark follows the Always Center Educators model championed by the US Department of Education by providing full transparency to teachers.
  • Safe and secure AI use: Student data privacy and security is always prioritized. eSpark meets all requirements under state and federal data privacy laws.
  • Engagement and motivation: By incorporating student interests into learning content and providing a unique experience to every student, eSpark makes learning more engaging and effective.

Meets New DPI 3rd-Party Integration Requirements

eSpark does not integrate with state systems via API or plugin, and only consumes directory information for SSO and rostering integrations. Per DPI guidance, this exempts eSpark from the 3rd-party integration requirements released in 2023 (see the NCDPI Third-Party Data Integration Workflow here).

This means you can safely and securely implement eSpark knowing you are compliant with all relevant state requirements.

Screenshot of the NCDPI Third-Party Integration Workflow diagram
Screenshots of eSpark's AI-powered Choice Math, Choice Texts, and writing activities.

See How eSpark is Built Differently

eSpark combines evidence-based pedagogy with the magic of generative AI to differentiate on multiple dimensions and deliver a unique learning experience to every student.

Your teachers will save hours of prep time. Your students will ask for more. You’ll see the results. Whether you need for support for enrichment, intervention, or acceleration, eSpark has you covered.

Evidence-Based and Proven Effective

eSpark is firmly rooted in decades of research and has been repeatedly proven to improve student outcomes on independent benchmark assessments. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with:

Digital Promise Product Certification badge overlayed on an eSpark screenshot.
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Meet with eSpark’s North Carolina Expert

Marty Griffin is a 25-year educator with nearly two decades of experience in the classroom and seven years as an administrator. He works closely with North Carolina schools and districts to support a wide range of purposeful and effective implementations.