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That moment when you make it work.


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I love using code to solve interesting problems. I've been programming since I was in school, and it evolved into a lifelong passion. It's incredible to be able to apply my talents every day on something that I find meaningful.

Many kids do not have the same opportunity. Our one-size-fits-all education system doesn't give students the chance to realize their potential. What if you could help kids get inspired by coding, or any other topic that moves them, and set them up for more success in school - and in life?

Come solve the most important puzzle of our time: educating the next generation. Work with students and teachers to develop new ways of teaching and learning that inspire students to realize their potential.

We build a platform that lets students work on topics that they love, and that has been proven to dramatically improve student achievement. We are hiring in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, with an option for remote as well.

Please apply or reach out to me at luke@esparklearning.com if you would like to know more.

Luke Shepard

CTO, eSpark


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