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  How to Bring Characters to Life on the iPad

Download the FREE resources used in the video:

  • Character Study Template (.key)
  • Character Study Example (.key)
  • Digital Character Web Worksheet (.pdf)
  • Digital Character Web Image (.jpg)



When you take a close look at the ELA Common Core learning standards, you’ll notice the topic of “story characters” as a common thread. In these standards, students are asked to describe characters, discuss and analyze their behaviors, and respond to elements of a story. In this short video, learn a few ways that teachers can use the iPad to help students bring characters to life in a fun, creative, and challenging way.


Carrie Conover

Carrie Conover

Strategic Accounts Manager at eSpark

Carrie saw the power of iPads in the classroom first-hand while teaching 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade in the Chicago Public Schools. She found it inspiring to see all students grow through a blended learning model and is thrilled to share those experiences in schools around the country.