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How to Build a District Culture of Writing

Strategies, insight, and advice from the National Writing Project

Wednesday, February 14th

2:00pm CT • 3:00pm ET • 12:00pm PT

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Wednesday, February 14th

2:00pm CT • 3:00pm ET • 12:00pm PT

“Writing is essential to communication, learning, and citizenship. It is the currency of the new workplace and global economy. Writing helps us convey ideas, solve problems, and understand our changing world. Writing is a bridge to the future.”

- The National Writing Project

Writing is an key component of college and career readiness, yet only a fraction of students are writing at a proficient level.

Join us on 2/14 for a free webinar with the National Writing Project.

Tune in to explore the important role school and district administrators play in building strong writers and learn about the following topics:

  • Enabling extraordinary writing instruction at a district level
  • Building thoughtful, engaged writers with digital tools and strategies
  • Empowering teacher-leaders to nurture a culture of writing


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Tanya Baker

Director, National Programs, National Writing Project

The National Writing Project’s national programs support teacher-leaders in studying and improving their work and sharing knowledge across NWP’s network. As the director of national programs at the NWP since 2007, Tanya has worked to design, develop, and implement programs that bring together teacher leaders from across the country around shared interests or problems of practice. With a particular interest in writing within the disciplines and connected learning, she has lately worked to connect educators in and out of school to support young people to write science and history in a variety of settings for a variety of audiences.