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With standards-based games, videos, and other interactive activities, each student works independently to succeed at their own level and pace.

Grades PK-8

Reading, Writing, & Math

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Intervention & Acceleration

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Personalized content, leveled for every student

Differentiate learning with a wide variety of standards-aligned instruction and practice for reading, writing, and math. eSpark is not just fun for kids, it also meets all ESSA requirements for evidence-based interventions.

  • Every Quest includes both direct instruction and playfully personalized activities to teach students key standards with engaging videos, games, activities, and quizzes.
  • Students can work on their Quests during center time, as homework, or after they complete their teacher-assigned lessons. The adaptive path requires no teacher intervention.

Explore the standards and activities in eSpark 

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Save time with targeted lessons

Assignable Small Group Skills lessons help you reinforce the standard you’re teaching each week and take the prep work out of small groups and centers.

  • Every differentiated reading and math lesson includes an instructional video to teach the skill, at least one game or activity for practice, and a quiz to show mastery.
  • Students can complete these mini-lessons independently in under 15 minutes, giving you real-time data and opportunities to remediate.

Identify learning gaps and monitor growth

eSpark gives you the data you need to support your students with detailed online reports and personalized email updates right to your inbox.

  • Student progress and activity reports help teachers identify learning gaps and class trends down to the specific standard.
  • Weekly email alerts highlight opportunities for celebration and intervention while sharing relevant resources for your next small group.
  • Student mood check-ins provide teachers with daily social-emotional insights.
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Roster and assessment integrations make it easier than ever to get started

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