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With Frontier’s diverse, standards-aligned lessons, teachers can enhance writing instruction and push thinking to new levels.

"I absolutely love [Frontier] and my students do too! It is very engaging. I also like that it relates to the 'real world' and encourages them to make connections... it covers multiple standards, and it is something they can work on in their own time."

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Engaging, Rigorous Lessons

Frontier’s digital lesson library features lessons that are centered around engaging, real world topics and fully aligned to reading and writing state standards. All of Frontier’s lessons feature thought provoking guiding questions, curated multimedia texts and resources, and formative assessments that guide classroom discussion.

Extended Writing Practice

Every Frontier lesson culminates in an extended narrative, opinion, or informational writing challenge that asks students to think critically and apply what they learned while citing evidence from the complex texts.

Real-Time Feedback

As students write, they’re given automated, real-time feedback on their use of purpose, organization, evidence, and spelling and grammar conventions. Once they submit their first draft, students review and provide feedback on the writing of two of their peers.

Actionable Insights

By sending data-driven insight reports to teachers and administrators, Frontier helps districts strengthen their writing instructional practices and identify opportunities for growth, celebration, and professional development.

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Districts use Frontier to...

  • Practice informational, narrative, and opinion writing
  • Prepare for PARCC, SBAC, and state assessments
  • Lead engaging, rigorous writing lessons
  • Support peer feedback and thoughtful revision

"The feedback that I received from Frontier about my students' writing was invaluable. One of my students who typically flies under the radar was finally able to get some well deserved recognition. Frontier helped me address specific issues with other students, things like trouble with transitions and run-on sentences."

Improve outcomes with Frontier

“Frontier leads to stronger academic outcomes, particularly among struggling students.”

In 2017, researchers from Columbia University’s Teachers College studied the academic impact Frontier had on 6th - 8th grade students attending Propel Schools in Pittsburgh, PA.

Improve Outcomes with Frontier

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