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With eSpark's differentiated instruction, each student’s learning path aligns to his or her skill level and goals.

"[eSpark] is one of the best programs I have used for instruction. It has allowed my students to learn at their level and to progress in their time. It is amazing the difference in participation this program makes!"

Support and challenge every learner with a purposeful digital curriculum

Differentiated Instruction

eSpark uses your existing assessment data to diagnose skill levels and find the best digital content for your students. An adaptive curriculum provides learners with engaging apps, videos, and activities that target their greatest areas of need.

eSpark’s team of former educators rigorously vets and curates digital content, saving teachers hours of lesson planning each week.

Creation Activities

After mastering a skill or standard, students script and record a video in which they creatively apply their knowledge to reteach what they’ve just learned.

This exercise reinforces learning, develops speaking and literacy skills, and provides teachers with a better understanding of their students’ unique needs and interests.

Reporting and Data

A robust online dashboard allows teachers and administrators to monitor and report out on student usage, growth, and skill level. Weekly email updates help teachers identify opportunities for intervention, praise, and feedback.

eSpark’s data scientists help districts analyze third-party assessment scores to accurately measure the academic impact eSpark has on students.

Meet the needs of every learner with scaffolded, differentiated instruction


District Story

Accelerate growth and improve outcomes with differentiated instruction

Using iPads and eSpark, Piedmont School District fully met the needs of high and low performing student populations across academic domains.


“I was blown away by the power and potential of eSpark. I am thankful to be in a district which utilizes eSpark and understands its impact on student growth and learning.”

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