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eSpark for iPad from eSpark Learning

Captivate students with differentiated apps, videos, and creative challenges

With eSpark's differentiated instruction, each student’s learning path aligns to his or her skill level and goals.
Differentiated Instruction for Math and ELA

Math and ELA

Provide engaging standards-based practice and application

Differentiated Instruction on the iPad

iPad-Based Curriculum

Build lifelong learners and creators

Differentiated Instruction for grades PK to 5

Grades PK to 5

Differentiate at scale and provided targeted support

Differentiated Instruction for Accelerated Growth

Accelerate growth and improve outcomes with differentiated instruction

Narrow the achievement gap and improve academic outcomes with targeted support and creative challenges. eSpark nurtures the critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills needed for success in school and in life. On average, eSpark students achieve 1.5x their expected yearly growth.

eSpark in Action

"eSpark has really helped us to use our iPads in a far more purposeful way and meet the needs of students on both ends of the learning continuum."


Keith Johnson

Principal of Humke Elementary, Nekoosa School District, WI

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