Data and Results of eSpark Personalized Learning

Data & Results

eSpark Learning’s products are accelerating student achievement in districts across the country. But don't just take our word for it—check out our microdocumentaries, case studies, and testimonials to hear what our partners have to say.

"The beauty of eSpark is that it personalizes the device. eSpark gives every student the ability to engage in apps that are meaningful to their skills."

Dr. Michael Nagler, Superintendent of Mineola Public Schools


In these three-minute video testimonials, educators from eSpark's innovative partnerships share their unique success stories. Hear how eSpark has accelerated students' academic growth, transformed teachers' instructional practices, and boosted student engagement.

Classroom Models

Watch how eSpark supports a variety of instructional models in blended learning classrooms. In these short videos, teachers share how iPads and eSpark simplify differentiation allowing them to meet the diverse needs of their students.

"It is amazing to me to see five-year-olds taking ownership of their education."

Maureen Langenderfer, Kindergarten Teacher & eSpark Certified Educator

Case Studies

To measure the effect of eSpark on student achievement, we analyze third-party assessment data from the beginning, middle, and end of each school year. On average, eSpark students achieve gains of 2x their expected performance level growth.

"Since we have introduced eSpark into our enrichment program, student productivity, engagement, and focus during our two-hour period have drastically improved."

Alice Lai and Elizabeth Petrey, Intervention Teachers at KIPP: LA College Prep

Educator Interviews

The innovative educators at our district partnerships share advice, insights, and success stories in using iPads and eSpark in the classroom.

Want to see eSpark in action? Take a tour of our iPad app!