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By Taylor Martin • October 4, 2022

5 Most Popular Instructional Videos for Your Students

If we’ve learned anything since the rise of TikTok, it’s that video is engaging to people of all ages! Why not use this to your advantage in the classroom?

We know it’s difficult to grab, and hold, your students’ attention while genuinely engaging them at the same time. That’s why our videos are always short, right to the point, and FUN. If you’re looking for a video teaching a Common Core standard to share with your class, see some of our most popular ones below!


1. What is the Main Idea?

1st Grade

How do you find the main idea and key details of a text? This eSpark instructional video dives into this reading skill, Common Core standard RI.1.2, by introducing different ways to identify the main idea—look at the cover or the headline!

Hibernating bears and parental penguins will help guide your students toward uncovering the main ideas of the example texts.

Two book covers, both featuring penguins


2. Inflections and Affixes to Understand Uncommon Words


Finding the meaning of an unknown word isn’t that hard, especially when you understand the most common inflections and affixes! We’ll turn walk into walked and wave into waving to help your students master this reading skill, Common Core standard L.K.4.B.


3. Making Number Bonds


Some students learn better with hands–on material, that’s why we’re teaching you how to represent number bonds with your fingers! Students will learn to decompose numbers less than or equal to 10 using objects (or hands), helping them to master Common Core standard K.OA.A.3.

Turning the number four into number bonds using fingers


MORE Activities

Looking for more free, no-prep activities to teach Common Core standards with your students? Check out this page!


4. Characters and Events in a Story

2nd Grade

What are character traits, and how can they help us describe characters and how they respond to major events? In this eSpark instructional video, we’ll break down the personality traits of the characters from Little Red Riding Hood to help students master Common Core standard RL.2.3. Just watch out for the Big Bad Wolf!


5. Asking and Answering Questions While reading

1st Grade

Your students are full of questions—but are they curious about what they’re reading? Do they know how to ask and answer questions to better understand a text or story? Well, in this eSpark instructional video, we’ll walk through Common Core standard RI.1.1 to help students understand what they’re reading and demonstrate comprehension. To do so, we’ll use the help of some very interesting migrating animals!

Fun Fact: Did you know that birds aren’t the only species to fly south for the winter? Monarch butterflies also make the long journey for the colder months!

An article featuring four species that migrate during the year


Not what you’re looking for?

eSpark has tons of videos teaching Common Core standards for grades K–5! Check out our YouTube channel for more instructional videos.


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