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Screenshot from eSpark's mood check-in screen showing several "how do you feel" options for students to choose from.
A screenshot from an eSpark rhyme game featuring an illustrated fox and several camping supplies.
A young boy sitting at a desk looking at a tablet.
The words "Class Rules" written in script on a chalkboard.
Screenshot from an eSpark game featuring an illustrated crocodile and his messy room.
Screenshot of an eSpark game featuring an illustrated monster with meatballs containing capital letters.
Illustrated eSpark character Rocky waving from the side of a road.
Two illustrated students collaborating over their laptops.
An illustrated eSpark character standing next to the title of the blog on a purple background.
Illustrated image of a student with school supplies next to the title of the blog against a blue background.
Two illustrated teachers holding opposite sides of a lesson planning book.