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By Kelsey Jern • April 16, 2021

How Teachers Are Leveraging Mini-Lessons for Maximum Impact

We’ve just released our newest feature: Mini-Lessons!

Find out how top teachers are already leveraging Mini-Lessons in their instruction to maximize student learning.

eSpark’s Mini-Lessons are short, skills-aligned assignments designed to help students master key concepts in reading and math. Each Mini-Lesson is made up of one framing video, one practice activity, and one quiz, so students can complete them in just 15 to 20 minutes! From the eSpark Teacher Dashboard, teachers can assign Mini-Lessons to individual students, small groups, or their whole class, as well as monitor students’ progress.


We asked four leading teachers from Elizabeth Forward School District in PA to share their thoughts on Mini-Lessons, including how they’ve implemented them and the impact they’ve seen on their students’ learning so far. Here’s what they had to say:


How would you describe eSpark’s new Mini-Lessons?

“Mini-Lessons are great reinforcement lessons, activities, and assessments that are short enough to keep students engaged, but long enough to provide good information.”

–Megan, Kindergarten teacher

“eSpark’s Mini-Lessons are a great way to kick off a new topic, review an old topic, or check for understanding of a concept or skills. There are short videos, apps, and quizzes to go along with each Mini-Lesson."

– Amy, Special Education teacher

How have you used Mini-Lessons with your students?

“Mini-Lessons have been a quick and easy way to refresh my students’ memory on previously-learned topics. Now that we are beginning to review for the PSSA’s they have been a great way to quickly jog their memory.”

– Catherine, 5th grade teacher

“Mini-Lessons are a great way to personalize learning, push students, and reinforce information. I have used Mini-Lessons after teaching a specific topic to my students in order to reinforce a skill. Mini-lessons provide feedback and data from student lessons, which allows me to monitor a student’s progress.”

– Megan, Kindergarten teacher

How have Mini-Lessons impacted your students?

“I believe Mini-Lessons have impacted my students’ learning. After the lesson/concept/skill is taught they can go on to eSpark for extra reinforcement and to check for understanding. When they realize the lessons taught in the classroom and on eSpark correlate, they get really excited to share their knowledge and experience with the Mini-Lessons and relate it to what we are learning using the language arts and math curriculum.”

– Amy, Special Education teacher

“eSpark Mini-Lessons have helped my advanced students cover topics that I am not able to cover during a typical lesson and help reinforce topics that some students are still working on mastering.”

– Megan, Kindergarten teacher

Lastly – what's your favorite aspect about Mini-Lessons?

“As one of my students said, they are short, sweet, and easy to complete. I like them because they give an overview of the important information needed and can still be completed in a timely manner.”

– Catherine, 5th grade teacher

“I like that they are available in eSpark for me to use as a resource and that I don’t have to go onto the internet and search for standard-aligned resources to use on my own."

– Angela, 2nd grade teacher

Have you used Mini-Lessons with your students yet? Let us know by leaving a comment below. We'd love to hear your feedback!



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