10 Free Online Games to Teach Third Grade Math Skills

Screenshot of the title screen for one of eSpark's 3rd grade math games, Jungle Jump.

Sparking a love for learning takes time—and a great activity to kickstart it! If you’ve been searching for 3rd grade math games and activities that are truly engaging for kids, you’re in luck. We have plenty to share!

Our team of former educators has created these effective and engaging resources you can use to help your students master key standards. All of the games listed below are tailored to Common Core standards, and can be found within eSpark’s differentiated math curriculum. Try out these games with your students for free!


1. Farmer Albert Eggstein

All of Farmer Albert Eggstein’s farm animals have escaped their pens! Help get the animals back into their correct pens by solving the multiplication problems.

A game title screen featuring a farm background and a play button.


2. Fly Catcher

Felix is hungry. Help him catch the flies by correctly answering the multiplication problems. Watch out for the bees!

Game title screen featuring a frog on a lily pad and a large play button in the foreground.


3. Share with Llamacorn

Fluffy the Llamacorn is going for a walk through the magical flower forest. Help Fluffy collect magical flowers to share with the other llamacorns.

Share with Llamacorn game


4. Cheetah Chaser

Chance the Cheetah loves multiply and dividing numbers by the number one. Help Chance solve as many problems as possible by running and jumping over the numbers!

Game title screen with a savannah background and a cheetah-print play button.


5. Cloud Surfing: Multiply to 10

Soar through the sky by solving the multiplication problems you see. Gain a power boost by answering correctly on the first try!

Game title screen with a kid in a jetpack and a play button.

  • Standard Alignment: Multiply and Divide by 10

6. Ring Toss: Division Edition

Get as many gems as you can by throwing the rings over the animals!

Game title screen featuring a group of animals with a treasure chest and a play button.

  • Standard Alignment: Divide 6–10

7. Slapshot Numbers

Welcome to the Blue versus Red match. Tap the puck representing the correct answer to the equation to score goals!

Game title screen featuring two hockey goalies and a play button.


8. Alien Invasion

Aliens from the planet Z have invaded Earth! They disappeared throughout our cities, but good thing you’re part of the elite Alien Roundup Squad. Save humanity by solving the multiplication problems and rounding up the aliens!

Game title screen featuring a UFO hovering in front of a boarded-up building with a play button in the foreground.


9. Monster Battle

Collect coins to trade for attacks, then solve the multiplication problems to beat your opponents in battle!

Game title screen featuring an arena background and a large play button.


10. Jungle Jump

Freddy the Frog needs help getting to grandma’s house. Jump over the obstacles along the way—correctly solve math problems to get over big obstacles in the path.

Game title screen featuring a jungle background and a play buton.

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